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helen in carriage on D707

Many important natural resources, including fossil fuels are non-renewable or finite, and yet our modern lifestyle suggests that few people have internalised the implications of this fact.  Although not perfectly understood, it appears that there is general agreement that the current reserves of oil and coal were produced over a period of some millions of years in the region of 90 to 150 million years ago.   The term ‘the Oil Economy’ marks a very short period of time in the earth’s approximate 4 500 000 000 year history. It is unlikely to last more than 130 – 150 years.  We are already some 110 years or so into that period.

In the first half of the twentieth century there was so much oil available relative to population size and per capita usage that it probably never occurred to people that it would one day run out.  However, now we know better!  Dargle residents are reducing fuel use by sharing trips, collecting goods from town for neighbours, joining lift clubs and picking up pedestrian passengers when their cars have space.  Contact those on the list below, should you wish to take advantage of their offers, or offer an option of your own.

  • Andrew Anderson of African Insight takes a bus to and from Johannesburg to collect passengers regularly, stopping at Centurion or Oliver Tambo airport (access to gautrain). 082 494 0668
  • Gill Addison travels to Pietermaritzburg 4 days a week and is happy to deliver or collect goods. 082 459 4625

There is absolutely no reason to just do this in the Dargle.  If you are a regular traveller, happy to share and help reduce carbon emissions and traffic conjestion, why not join the Midlands Ride Share Group on Facebook?

r Dargle MTB and Market 254

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