Seed Savers

Dargle market Eidins seeds

Every passing day, the biodiversity of our planet is being diminished.  Not only are many animal species facing the threat of extinction due to human encroachment on habitat as well as climate change, but plant genetic diversity is also decreasing at an alarming rate as more and more farmers and gardeners choose store-bought seed over locally unique varieties, and gardeners lose touch with the art of seed saving.

Inspired by one another, we plan to create a Midlands seed bank, intended to provide a basis for local food security and seed sovereignty.  We aim to raise awareness on the importance of seed saving, which is actually great fun and extremely satisfying!  At the Dargle Local Market on the first Sunday of each month, you will find a variety of open pollinated, sometimes heirloom, local seed for sale and to swap.

Eidin Griffin is the Seed Saving Queen of the Dargle – 083 429 2867


  • pumpkin – various varieties
  • dried beans – Lesotho yellow climbers, red scribble limas, black Hopi, Papa di Rola,
  • parsnip
  • pepperdew
  • fennel
  • amaranthus
  • echinacea
  • calendula
  • artichoke
  • ruby chard
  • swiss chard
  • parsley
  • carrot
  • bronze mustard
  • mammoth dillsalsify
  • fennel
  • beetroot

beans purple 002

For lots of useful information about seed saving visit Living Seeds fabulous Self Sustainable Forum:

Read about our Midlands Seed Heroes

Or read this interesting article about a new movie:

Eidin has created a delightful guide to simple seed saving – available to buy for only R20.  contact her for a copy.

seed hero book.IMG

8 thoughts on “Seed Savers

    Basic Seed Saving Course.
    Saturday 31 August 2013
    Witsend Farm, Petrus Stroom, Dargle
    Contact Eidin 083 4292867 for details

  2. The workshop with Erna Kruger was fantastic!! It was great to meet so many keen seed savers. You can come and see us at the SLIP fair in PMB – 25-28 April .We’ll keep everyone posted 🙂

  3. We had a small but fantastic Midlands Seed Savers get together on a rainy Saturday 20 October…ended up with the making of a seed savers booklet and swapped glorious seeds…next get together will be at Witsend Farm on the Petrus Stroom road on the 19 January 🙂

  4. The market today was fantastic-I have a great list of gardeners who signed up and are keen to learn more and share info + seeds in the near future. It was a delight to meet other seed mad folk!

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