Celebrating Iconic Inhlosane

It was pouring with rain at 3.30am, but by 6.30am Cape Parrots could be heard and an enormous rainbow framed Inhlosane. Despite reports from further west of rain, we were pretty sure we’d be able to climb, as planned, to celebrate on top. The clouds smudged the peak, lifted, shifted, descended again…

r Dargle celebration inhlosane 006

Nothing would deter the enthusiastic group gathered in the Everglades car park. Besides, Brandon and Jethro had set out ahead of us carrying the Gin, lemons and mint cordial (all decanted into unbreakable bottles) and the biodegradable glasses (in case anyone left one behind). We simply had to get to the top!


There was a lot of chatting as we headed up through the plantations above the hotel.


We paused as we emerged into the grassland and saw the peak of the hill.  It didn’t look that far away, but it certainly looked steep.

r Dargle celebration inhlosane 014

Soon unnecessary chatter stopped as we saved our breath and listened to the Blue Cranes calling overhead.


Up, up, ooh, aah. How lucky could we be? A beautiful, freshly washed day with just enough cloud to keep us from frazzling.


Pre-hike publicity had promised “cracking views” and they certainly were wonderful.


The kids in the Owen party skipped ahead and were the first to arrive.


The rest of us took things at a more leisurely pace.


Stopping often to admire the views and take photos,

r Dargle celebration inhlosane 028

to catch our breath,


to identify the plants – Senecio was flowering cheerfully. Peter decided it was Mountain Senecio (Senecio macrocephalus) Smooth edged leaves, hairy, leaves grasp the stem.

2. Bracts and bracts.Mountain senecio (Senecio macrocephalus ). Inhlosane

Brandon and Jethro welcomed us at the beacon with cocktails.

r Dargle celebration inhlosane 055

Lucinda mistook a bottle of Gin for water and tipped it into a bowl for Pluto to drink – he wasn’t impressed. He and Rupert did enjoy the views though.

DSC_0106 dogs LR

Chris King (at 72 years old) was particularly impressive – arriving ahead of half the party!

r Dargle celebration inhlosane 042

The Beresford bunch were pleased with themselves.

bD18yZuGNVN2uqdC-yJ4G12LS55Y6sTmV2GFrKET7OU,09FZTaKMXOktmVlwmsES3xCY_QcZIJAGFefpiNG_bzY The Crookes clan enjoyed a bird’s-eye view of their farm, Copperleigh.


John settled on a rock, like the dassies below,

-xQdpwsVogOpEVDtSyyRosP9SMCw00lFYOT7PxMQVycWhile Des basked in the sun.


We had been expecting about 30 Everglades guests to join us (and Everglades had packed their picnic lunches!) but they chickened out.  One guest, Mandy, who was spending some time alone on the mountain, was surprised by the hordes of hikers but joined our party enthusiastically.


Mandy had found a Geo-Cache so we added our names and put it back.  We unpacked our picnics.


Marashene Lewis, a newish resident said proudly “This weekend has been my rite of passage.  Now I am truly entrenched in the Dargle.” 

r Dargle celebration inhlosane 070

We gathered for a group photo – Thanks Ashley.


Gilly, Tammy and Wyndham arrived as others thought about heading back down.

r Dargle celebration inhlosane 095


Christie taught Mandy to crochet and then helped Nikki to yarn bomb the beacon.  Mandy is our new best friend!

r Dargle celebration inhlosane 086

We bid farewell to the now brightly coloured beacon

r Dargle celebration inhlosane 112

Lucinda missed the Cairn on the way down and took a very long detour through Mount Park!

DSC_0144 Cairn 01 LR

We met up with her on the lawns at Everglades where she shared flasks of hot tea and her adventures with us.

What a wonderful celebration of an ancient Dargle Icon. Photos by Ashley Crookes, Barry Downard, Nikki Brighton.

Inhlosane pano 1 LR

12 thoughts on “Celebrating Iconic Inhlosane

  1. What a glorious climb ! Thank you Nikki for welcoming all the Newies . . . Our Grand-kids are all now open to a relevant but respectful gene-pool !!
    Long may our appreciation & enthusiasm for the Stewardship of our Earth be . Amazingly , God trusts and guides us still .

  2. On a very tiny scale being at the top of Inhlosane must be what astronauts feel when they look back at earth from space – awesome, humbling, reverence for the beauty. And that’s not the gin speaking although the sight of Brandon with biodegradable cup stretching towards me was awesome in its own way.

  3. What a super weekend. sorry we couldn’t do the Sunday walk. Well done Nikki for all the organisation. What a great community we have in the Dargle!

  4. Thanks Nikki for the great write up. The Crookes Clan enjoyed the weekend immensely. I guess we’re also now official Dargle residents!

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