Celebrating a Decade over Dinner

Dargleites are seldom deterred by less than perfect weather. On a very cold, very wet evening this weekend, 90 people snuggled into the beautiful 100 year old Corrie Lynn barn to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Dargle Conservancy.

crop r dargle decade dinner 067The scene for a fabulous local dinner was set at three long tables. Copies of our favourite local paper, the Meander Chronicle, were used as place mats, enamel plates and flowers freshly cut in the rain that morning, completed the picture.

crop r dargle decade dinner 028

Volunteers scurried to get everything set for our Celebration, to start the fires, rig up the music and place rugs on the benches.

crop dargle decade dinner 019

The menu was all locally sourced and produced with many, many people contributing generously.

Dargle Celebration dinner

Cooked pumpkins were kept warm in Wonderbags until dinner time.

crop r dargle decade dinner 062

After huddling beside the funky fireplace made from an old boiler by Guy Sterling, everyone found a spot, often next to someone they hadn’t met before, and tucked into the starters laid out along the tables.

crop r dargle decade dinner 081 - Copy

An astonishing array of delicious treats including duck eggs, gherkins, hummus made on Dennis the Dover Stove, handmade mozzarella, warm bread, Chicken liver pate and organic lettuce. Yum.

crop r dargle decade dinner 087

Nikki Brighton, Chair of the Conservancy, welcomed everyone and in particular the six other Conservancies who had travelled across the hills in the mud to support us. “We are especially delighted to have Priscilla Francis with us as it was on her verandah in Balgowan in the 1970’s that the Conservancy movement was born. The original Dargle Conservancy was formed soon afterwards by Iain Sinclair, Nick and Helen Methley.  After some hitches and a period of dormancy, the current Conservancy was founded in 2003 by Barry Downard, Jennifer Willan and Andrew Nash. We are grateful for their vision and hard work as there is no doubt that the Conservancy has contributed significantly to building our community and protecting the precious eco-sysytems of which we are all privileged to be custodians.”

r dargle decade dinner 072 - Copy

Next up was David Johnson who was guest speaker at the very first Dargle Conservancy meeting 10 years ago – he needed no introduction. David gave a fascinating presentation including both the rare and quite common birds found in the Midlands. “I like the things one sees everyday as you can learn so much from observing them” he said. Tales about the Bald Ibis, Cape Parrot, Starred Robin and his personal favourite, Bush Black Cap, had everyone enthralled.

crop r dargle decade dinner 041

To thank him, he was presented with a Dargle Dassie Adoption certificate. We thought him a suitable custodian of one of the furry members of our thriving colony.  David couldn’t resist telling us how the Hyrax was one of the only SIX truly African animals – including the elephant, golden mole, elephant shrew, dugong and aardvark. Fascinating.

crop r barry dargle decade dinner 077

Barend Booysen thanked Nikki for her efforts on behalf of Dargle and read a paragraph from an inspiring Paul Hawken speech – What is means to be a human being on Earth at a time when every living system is declining. “When asked if I am pessimistic or optomistic about the future, my answer is always the same: If you look at the science about what is happening on Earth and aren’t pessimistic, you don’t understand the data. But if you meet the people working to restore the earth and the lives of the poor, and you aren’t optimistic, you haven’t got a pulse. What I see everywhere in the world are ordinary people willing to confront despair, power and the incalculable odds in order to restore some semblance of grace, justice and beauty in this world.”

crop r dargle decade dinner 143

Kevin’s chickens (cooked by Tony and himself) and Dean’s ducks cooked by Merrill, smelt delicious, so everyone tucked into their main courses with gusto.

crop r dargle decade dinner 074 - Copy

Conversation was lively, neighbours discovered new relations, more wine was opened. A few people remarked that this was the best Dargle function they had ever been too.

crop r dargle decade dinner 118

The van Breemem family had a lovely time “A throughly enjoyable evening, tasty and plentiful food, an interesting talk – the whole event came together fantastically well.”

crop r dargle decade dinner 053 - Copy

As is customary at special Dargle occasions, a few Scottish reels were called for. ‘Stripping the Willow’ proved to be heaps of fun, even for first timers and certainly warmed everyone up. “I loved dancing with people I had just met” laughed Shine.

r dargle decade dinner 144

An array of delectable deserts greeted anyone who was still had space (or had worked up a new appetite)

r dargle decade dinner 147

some guests fell asleep…

crop r dargle decade dinner 151

while others had earnest conversations….

crop r dargle decade dinner 137

or caught up with friends not seen for a while.

crop r dargle decade dinner 148

Some kept warm around the heaters, with coffee in hand,

r dargle decade dinner 153

or had a good giggle.

crop r dargle decade dinner 131

It was altogether a friendly occasion.

crop r dargle decade dinner 138We gathered up the leftovers for our picnic tomorrow, thanked Tinks for her magnificent effort in hosting us and bid friends goodnight.

crop r dargle decade dinner 154

All in all a splendid evening with the last revellers only wandering out into the cold at midnight. A true Celebration of Dargle in the iconic red barn.

Dargle Celebration Dinner ad

see more photos on our facebook page: dargle.kzn

5 thoughts on “Celebrating a Decade over Dinner

  1. A really fun ‘do’!
    I came across this blog by accident, and it brought back strongly two hectic but wonderful years spent at The Old Camp Feb 2000 – Feb 2002. I was looking up the area because my publisher has put my ‘Dargle Waltz’ (composed there, of course) on the website’s Freestuff. A link to the music, if you are interested in hearing it, is track No 8 on:
    or on the ‘Quests 4’ album on my blog’s sidebar. Might come in handy some time as backing for something local?
    I found out that you can leave The Dargle, but The Dargle never leaves you.

  2. A memorable celebration of our community around conservancy with beautiful folk . . . many of whom are my childhood friends ! Such wonderful memories . . my children and their littlies love to retell the stories and now I have some new ones to add . The iNhlozane walk and the sharing of the Earth-Pod the following day were stunning ! You are all exquisitely unique !
    Thank you for times shared and new days to look forward to . . Barend & Helen B

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