Dargle Food Rules

At the launch of her book East Coast Tables – the Inland Edition – Erica Platter said “It is fantastic, fabulous and brilliant to have all the Midlands foodies together. This is your book – you made it. I’m not a cook but I really enjoyed collecting all the stories.”

r book launch 041

She happily autographed everyone’s copy and in Malvina’s wrote: The Dargle Rules” – she found it a very special place indeed.

r dargle rules

Many Dargle recipe’s feature in the book and lots of Dargle-ites made the trek to Blueberry Hill in Notties for the launch last Friday.  It was a lovely occasion with the smoke filled skies creating a spectacular sunset across the Drakensberg and utterly delicious nibbles.

r book launch 011

Malvina contributed her creamy potato recipe to the book, which her family really enjoys when they get snowed in – cooked up on her Esse stove.

r book launch 030

Sue Hofman of Wayfarer Trout shared instructions to make ‘five and a half minute seared trout’ – made with fish fresh from the runs on their farm.

r book launch 015

Samkeliso Mlalazi’s scrummy Red Pepper and Butterbean Soup on page 114 makes one wish for late summer to roll around when the peppers are ripe and ready.  Jabu Zondi’s Chicken recipe is husband, Sandile’s, favourite meal.

r book launch 025

Croft Farm Chickens feature often in the book. Chris and Kandy’s Curried Chicken Pie looks delicious:  1x Whole Croft Farm free range chicken, 3x Bay leaves, 3x Large carrots, 1x Chicken stock cube, Pinch of salt & pepper, 3 tbsp Butter, 3 tbsp Flour, 1 tbsp Curry powder (medium), Frozen baby peas, Puff pastry

Boil Chicken in pot (water to half-way up carcass) with bay leaves, pinch of salt & pepper, stock cube and carrots (peeled and sliced) for 45 mins. Allow to cool and then debone chicken. Strain stock into a jug. Keep carrots aside. Melt butter in pot, add flour and curry powder and stir into paste. Allow paste to cook for a few seconds and then take off heat and slowly add strained stock until required amount and texture is attained – (like gravy, but not too runny!) Measure out frozen peas to match amount of carrots and add to the deboned chicken. Pour sauce over and mix. If necessary make more sauce and add. Spoon into pie dish and leave to cool. Cut pastry into strips and lay over top in criss-cross pattern. Freeze OR/THEN brush pastry with milk and bake at 200’C until bubbling or pastry has turned golden – if necessary put under grill for a minute to brown pastry.

r book launch 023

Cassie Janisch uses Croft Chicken (and local cheese and fresh picked greens) in her salad featured on page 63.  A lovely tale of her escape with Ian Rayner from the city is included too.

r book launch 046

Eunice Tsikude’s Caldo Verde and Nikki Brighton’s Wild Green Soup add a few veggies to the Dargle repetoire.  Sharon Barnsley’s Summer Slice makes the most of the abundance of Courgettes in the garden in Summer.

r east coast tables eunice  002

Erica recounts how the The Dargle Cookery Club aka the Gourmet Girls (lead by Yvonne Munk) have been cooking, having fun and raising money for charity for 15 years.  There is a lovely picture of them all at the Dargle Local Market on page 103.  More of our Birthday Market on page 156/157. Clinton Friedman has taken some really gorgeous pictures for the book.

r book launch 013

Dargle Ducks takes up quite a few entertaining pages – with Serene’s Duck Confit, and Dean’s Braai-roasted Duck which is a favourite at the Dargle Market.

r book launch 017

Ayesha and Abdul Thokan joined the celebration too (her Chicken Curry is famous)

r book launch 038

Debbie Hayes shared her Mum’s recipe for Asparagus Quiche – one that Victoria will inherit too.

r book launch 019

Gilly Robartes’ delectable Lemon Cheesecake Ice cream features in the Dairy section – with REAL Jersey cream, obviously.  Meander Fine Wines (our favourite neighbourhood wine shop) were there with lots of celebratory sparkling and red wines.

r book launch 021

Altogether a fabulous, friendly occasion which made Dargle people proud to represent Dargle!

r book launch 047


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