Poisons in your Pap!

“There are poisons in your pap!” shouted the street performers at the Howick Falls on Saturday, startling passers-by who eat Genetically Modified (GM) maize every day without even realising it.r ntombenhle anti gm seeds

As part of the Global Campaign against Monsanto and Biotech industries, the Yizwa Drama group in collaboration with the MMAEP, created a play about the effect seed giant Monsanto is having on our food.  As expected, Dargle was well represented! Eidin facilitates the Yizwa group.

r Eidin anti gm seeds  011

Tinks and Emma joined the audience after shopping at the Karkloof Farmers Market.

r emma and tinks anti gm seeds mpop snakes 020

Did you know that South Africa is the only country to allow a staple food to be Genetically Modified?   86% of maize, 90% of Soya and 100% of cotton grown in South Africa is GM. Soya and Maize are found in processed foods including bread, baby food, baked goods, sweets, meat and dairy substitutes. Cotton seed oil is used to preserve tinned sea foods & to fry fast foods.  Foods with more than 5% GM content should be labelled, but many food producers are refusing to do so.

r anti gm seeds  035

In the play performed by youngsters from Mpophomeni, a demoralised farmer says “I can’t keep fighting these big bullies. I will leave farming and go to the city. My connection to the land is destroyed. My children will grow up begging on the streets. We will have to steal food.”

r anti gm seeds girls

GM crops can put farmers into debt because the seed costs more, needs more fertiliser and increases herbicide use.  GMO companies profit by making sure that farmers may not grow GM crops or save GM seed without paying the company a patent fee.

r anti gm seeds scientists

Performer, Andiswa Mfubo is really concerned, having only learnt about GM crops recently. She has written poems about the issue and passionately sang “We mustn’t play God” to the entranced audience.  “I’m only 21 but I look much older because of my body – I now believe it is because of the food I have been eating.”

r Andiswa anti gm seeds

In conclusion the call to the crowd was “Wake up people! Wake up and get healthy! If you love life say no to Monsanto, fight for your food, grow gardens and save seeds, save yourself!”  Nikki and Emma thought this was a great idea!

r anti gm seeds emma and nikki

see action from around the country at: https://www.facebook.com/NOGMO.SouthAfrica

6 thoughts on “Poisons in your Pap!

  1. The poison is BT6 Round Up. this Glyphosphate which destroys the human immune system and
    people look as if they are sick. And they are sick.

  2. Thanks for joining us! It was really interesting when we marched right into the heart of Howick…people were very bemused and tickled by our crazy colourful group. This is where the double sided isiZulu and English leaflets came in handy and there were throngs of people who came to watch the second performance and read the leaflet. It felt great to take this information right to the people who need to know and ask them to start asking questions and voting with their wallets. We ended up back by the falls having a lovely picnic….magic day!

    1. Hello Eidin, I am delighted that a crowd gathered. Well done! Do you have any really super pics? I’m not impressed with mine.

      I was wondering if the group wouldn’t like to perform at the Dargle Local Market? How much would the transport cost do you think? Is it even a possibility? Ideas?

      Perhaps you are too tired to think straight, I understand that.


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