Pumpkin Time!

Looks like the Annual Dargle Pumpkin Competition might be becoming a bit of an institution.   Pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, and plenty of people dressed as pumpkins,  pitched up to join in the fun.

market goers

Market goers could enjoy lots of tasty pumkin treats to while they shopped. There were pumpkin tarts

pumpkin market 011.R

lots of pumpkin soup

pumpkin market 041.R. JPG

roast pumpkin on foccacia, and pumpkin samoosas

pumpkin market 034.R. JPG

pumpkin leaves (imifino yentanga) and pumpkin flowers

pumpkin market 021.R. JPG

pumpkin pies

pumpkin market 014.R

there was even pumpkin soap!

pumpkin market 019.R. JPG

The entires were no less creative – Eidin’s bling pumpkin got lots of attention

pumpkin market 046.R. JPG

and Sam’s glittery fairy pumpkin was a favourite with the girls.

pumpkin market 067.R. JPG

Nanette, Jill and Jamie check them out to decide on their favourites.

Nanette Jill Jamie admiring the pumpkins

Gilly put a lot of work into the happiest pumpkin on show!

pumpkin market 027.R. JPG

Our celebrity judges Farmer Brown (aka Wayne Muller of TWK) and Phillippa Gordon of the Meander Chronicle had heaps of fun, despite looking flummoxed.

The judges pondered the pumpkins

With lots and lots of lovely prizes donated by il Postino, Best of the Midlands, Meander Fine Wines, Finchley’s Nursery, Zulu Lulu and Dargle Farm Stall there were winners in many categories.

Dargle 7 April market goersKaren was not sure about winning the wrinkliest AND the oddest categories for her pumpkins! Gill won ‘most interesting’ – because hers was actually a butternut, not a pumpkin.  Rose’s gorgeous dark green pumpkin was judged to have the best colour.

prize  winners by Joy Coleman

Sharon Barnsley won the King Pumpkin Award for her beautiful, big white pumpkin. Mike Weedon was runner up.

pumpkin market 002.R. JPGOh, and you could buy plump pumpkins too.

pumpkin market 052.R. JPG

Emma proudly took the Princess Pumpkin home with her.

Emma Lycett with Princess Pumpkin

Thank you Katie Robinson for getting all the pumpkins in a row and Charlene Russell, Joy Coleman, Phillippa Gordon and Phil’s friend Jo for the photographs.  You can see more pictures on the Dargle Facebook page.

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