What did you miss?

Did you taste the chilli chocolate vodka at the Market this morning?  Or enjoy a fresh cheese scone with your Darjeeling tea?

coffee cups

Perhaps you opted for a chunk of focaccia topped with morrocan brinjal on solar cooked hummus?

lettuce and tomatoes res.

Lots of people nibbled on tiny cherry tomatoes, sipped mint cordial and munched on chocolate muffins.

rowena aleia malvina res

Others enjoyed just cooked duck rolls or a free range egg with capers for breakfast. With a flavoured yoghurt drink perhaps?

dargle postcard

Baskets overflowed with huge pumpkins, handmade bread, cheddah cheese, plump butternuts, purple beans, giant garlic and fresh figs.

butternut and hydrangeas

You could have stocked your pantry with Spiced Sherry, jars of gerkhins, marmalade and biltong.

wits end preserves res.

Or bought gifts for favourite friends – postcards, brooches, beaded pens, crochet water bottle carriers, coffee coasters and beautiful soap.

Thina and Rosa res.

You really missed all this?  As well as catching up with old friends and making some new ones?

louise jeff dieter res.

Make sure you are part of the action on 6 April when, besides all the usual treats, we will hold our Pumpkin Growing Competition and will serve up delectable pumpkin inspired food too.


2 thoughts on “What did you miss?

  1. The Pumpkin Competition is going to be fiercely contested. Will my odd pink and blue p’kins stand a chance…..?!

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