Birthday Market

Dargle Local Market celebrated its first anniversary at the October Market.  As other markets in the Midlands have come and gone during this time, it is quite an achievement – mostly due to the dedicated stallholders who turn up regularly to share their produce with the Dargle Community.To mark the occasion, the Bates tribe served champagne and orange juice. Eunice and Hlengiwe of the Dargle Store joined in the party.Tash Allie popped a candle onto her delicious brownies –and iced her cranberry cupcakes with love and glitter.Lots and lots of people turned up – old friends and strangers too.Dean got the fires going to roast his duckswhile neighbours caught up on the latest gossip.Everyone made a special effort with their stalls as there were prizes for the best ones.  Gilly Robartes went to town with a seriously country theme. “The market was such a buzz, and had such a great atmosphere.  If the Dargle Market continues to be like this – Il Postino will have to extend their verandah!” she laughed.Malvina spiced up the coffees for the morning.Anne and Mike Weedon sold chunks of their award-winning pumpkin, and very generously shared seedlings grown from the seeds too.  They will have a lot of competition next year…Their duck egg display was very stylish and won them a voucher from The Lavender Company.There were lots of cakes to taste – Jethro Bronner won Dargle Dollars and an art class with Willem van Heerden for his scrumptious carrot cake served with antique crockery and cutlery.As usual there was plenty of freshly baked bread – always a good seller.A couple of people traded in LETS – the Midlands alternate currency. Kate Pallet shopped at the Dargle Abundance Stall with her Cape Town ‘Talents’.  Karina was terribly excited to find raw milk at this stand. “The market is great, but finding real, fresh, happy milk was such a bonus!” she said.Nikki’s Seasonal Sarmies were a popular animal-free choice for breakfast.The pretty Hambledon stand was a favourite with the celebratory judges.  Yvonne Munk and the Gourmet Girls tasted and shopped to their hearts’ content and were photographed by Clinton Freidman for Erica Platter’s new Midlands food book,before handing out the prizes. Thanks to il Postino Pizzeria, Colleen and Willem van Heerden and The Lavender Company for their generosity.Dieter’s gorgeous jewellry added a sparkly touch. Beautiful handmade Riverlea soaps were as popular as ever.Our permaculutre princesses – Eidin and Oriah were in a particularly good mood – Eidin was still celebrating her birthday and Oriah had just won the Edu-Plant Competition in Johannesburg.Joel Bronner and a friend provided some unplugged music.Jenny’s flowers added a splash of fabulous colour.Aumji offered head and shoulder massages and, after a slow start, had a steady stream of satisfied customers.Despite the dodgy weather forecast, it was a glorious morning.  Regular shoppers -Ross, Pam and Bruce Haynes commented “We think that every market should be a birthday market! What fun today, and what  creativity and variety. Congrats to all the Dargelites on what has been built up in only a year. Long may it continue!”Photos by Barry Downard, Evert van Bremem and Nikki Brighton


6 thoughts on “Birthday Market

  1. What a feast! Beautiful photographs. Congratulations.

    I follow your activities on the internet as we (granny, daughter and granddaughter) are coming to Dargle in December and we can’t wait! I hope we will be able to sample some of this bounteous fare when we are there and meet some of the delightful people featured in Dargle Local Living.

    Keep up the good work. Kind regards, Karin Bloem

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