Goose Pie

This weekend a Spurwinged Goose collided with the Eskom Powerlines at Inversanda and was killed.  The Bates’ found it still warm and in really prime condition. “It must have been instantly zapped as there was no sign of blood or damage” said Lucinda. “I was going to take a pic of it lying on its back with its legs in the air but Brandon was hoping desperately that it might suddenly spring to life and felt that a pic was inappropriate!” 

Having heard that they are as tough as old boot nails, the Bates’ cooked it for 10 hours on Dennis the Dover Stove and made the most delicious goose pies. Brandon made a pastry goose on the top of the crust as decoration.

Iona sent the pictures to friends in Edinburgh to show how they were living off the land. The friends were horrified.  How could we eat something when we didn’t know its medical history?  Maybe they thought we might have a nuclear dump nearby that it might have been visited!  “Hysterical ‘ealth and safety has sadly permeated into the brains of the British youth!” chuckled Lucinda.

Unlike the other Inversanda offerings at the Dargle Local Market, the goose is not “Eskom free” but “Free from Eskom”.

5 thoughts on “Goose Pie

  1. Have a look, this will effect our Market.

    Traffic congestion expected for CompliMed MIDLANDS ULTRA TRIATHLON this weekend.

    This weekend the 7th of October sees the prestigious CompliMed Midlands Ultra Triathlon taking place at Midmar dam. This “Must do” event is the highlight of the KZN Triathlon and Multisport calendar with SA’s top athletes pouring in from around South Africa to claim their share of the R35 000 prize purse. 700 athletes have already entered, which means the roads around Midmar dam on Sunday are going to be abuzz with 700 athletes cycling laps from Midmar Dam along the R103 onto the Dargle road and then back to Midmar Dam.

    Roads around Midmar Dam will be severely affected due to the 700 athletes cycling along the R103 and the Dargle road. The first race starts at 7am and Farmers and business owners are asked to please keep away from this area from 7am until 12pm, when the Cycle route is opened up to the public again. No road closures will be in-place, but the Howick Police will be out in full force keeping the athletes safe. BHEJANE Security will be marshalling the event, so please be courteous to them, as they will be trying to accommodate the public while keeping the cyclists safe. Congestion and delays will occur and the public is asked to please try keep away from those effect roads until 12pm (Midday)

    The run routes are all inside Midmar dam and the main prize giving will be at 3pm. We appreciate your understanding with the traffic and we look forward to a successful event.


    Damian Bradley

    B-Active Sports

    Race Director

    082 559 2080

  2. The Robartes’s were privileged enough to enjoy the one and only ESKOM GOOSE PIE with the Bates —- It was truly delicious!! Thank you!

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