Trading up a Storm

Glorious morning in the Dargle today, definately a storm brewing – hot winds, dust and drama…

Did you miss the morning action? A brilliant market. So many curious, delicious and edible feasts, gossip, handshakes, information and juice – community at it’s best.

You could have bought pheasant or goose eggs, duck sausages or a real live rooster,

grapefruit cordial, handmade pasta and cardomom cookies,

low sugar marmalade and spicy salad leaves (and petted a friendly dog).

seasonal sandwiches with sweet potatoes and hummus, onion marmalade or carrots, lentils and almonds – you choose.

there were muffins and bread and cookies galore.

Did you try the milk tart, peanut clusters, crab apple jelly or have a cup of tea?

Biltong, Bread, Breasts of chicken and broccoli,

oodles of marmalade: some with raspberries (and Rex Union oranges), others with rose…

gooseberries, tree tomatoes and cherry tomatoes too.

You could have swopped your books,

made new friends and met some old ones,

slathered aioli on lettuce (Brandon stocked up for a picnic) or taken a slice of pumpkin home for soup.

Tried a duck egg fried with a duck breast,

bought Geraldton Wax flowers, pin cushions, Artisan Bread and Raw Milk

Most exciting of all – you could have shopped with LETS – our Midlands Local Exchange Currency. Andrew Anderson used LETS to buy some onion marmalade – what did you buy or sell?  Sign up at:

See you on Sunday 2 September!


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