Seen at the Market in May

There were a few new products available at the May Market which is exciting. Pheasant (from Sue Hofman) and Duck (including sausages, pate and duck fat ) from Serene, Jill Hunter’s beautiful crochet work. We all got to explore the newly revamped Dargle Store. Craig Cameron is very enthusiastic about being shopkeeper and keen to stock Local Dargle produce alongside a wide range of other things.  He even sells Coconut Milk, so if you are dying for a Thai Curry late one afternoon, it’s entirely possible!

Malvina and Sue served up cups of freshly brewed tea and coffee with lots of style. The array of teas was wonderful, from Darjeeling to Earl Grey and Honeybush too.

Eidin’s Seed Stall was a great hit with many gardeners signing up to share seeds and to attend a Seed Saving Workshop in August. Pam Haynes told a delighted Eidin that although she had only planted 8 varieties of bean, she had harvested 15 kinds – creating 7 new ones in a season!  Please let us know what seed you have to add to our Midlands Seed Bank.

Sifiso and Tim did a great trade in just picked broccoli and cauliflower grown right at the top of the Dargle.

Gill, Rose and Nobuhle’s stall sold artisan bread, kiwi fruit, mixed greens, celery, tree tomatoes, pumpkins, lemon cordial, eggs from recently freed, very happy hens, pesto – and a bunch of other bits a pieces.

The Bates arrived with freshly baked scones intended for the Mngeni river walkers, but much appreciated by market goers instead, Dean and Shine cooked duck rolls as usual and Ross sold out of his now famous handmade bread.  Debbie enjoyed being stallholder rather than organiser, selling lemons and eggs and lettuce.  Jenny Fly’s beautiful pale proteas were a hit and Talalna’s yummy milktarts didn’t last long.  Many people spent the Dargle Local Currency which they had received at the pumpkin market.  Lots of people asked how to get hold of some.

Craig taught Nikki how to get the Dargle Local Living movie to keep rolling all morning and many people stopped to watch it for a while.  If you missed it, you can download it here:


2 thoughts on “Seen at the Market in May

  1. What a delightfully well written story. I’m beginning to see the real purpose of DLL and that is community – we certainly had that. Quite a few new shoppers were there too. Well done Nikki Brighton. Looking forward to June 3rd.

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