A to Z

The pre-market publicity this month promised an A-Z of fresh Dargle Produce.  That is exactly what the shoppers got!

aubergines, artisan bread, artichokes, butter, brownies, blueberries, biltong, beans,

bunny hugging, basil, biscuits, butternut, chickens, cunchies, cucumbers, chillies, celery,

cranberry cupcakes, ducks, eggs, feta, felafel, felt,

garlic, gossip, gerkins, ginger ninja juice, heirloom seeds, ice-cream, jam,

kale, lettuce, lamb, mozzarella, mint syrup, marrows, marjoram, marmalade, new potatoes, onions,

peppers, pumpkins, pesto, pate, proteas, plants, purple beans, patty pans, quiche, rosemary, rhubarb, sweet potato leaves,

soap, sage, thyme, tarragon, tomatoes, tomato sugo, ujali, veggie seedlings, vegan food, worm tea, wild greens,  xtra special cakes, yoghurt, zucchini.

All Food with a Story, obviously.   If you believe food tastes better when it has a story, you will enjoy this website: www.foodwithastory.co.za   It’s a great place to find interesting, ethical and artisan food in South Africa.  This month they start to travel across the country on a Real Food Trip. They have promised to visit Dargle.

What did the shoppers think of our market?

Peni Hanbury from Dargle (who cycled to the market): “That was so much fun, I’m bringing the whole family next time.”

Nelly Mwango from Zambia: “I was so excited to see pumpkin leaves and bean leaves for sale. We eat this at home, but my friends in South Africa think I am crazy when I say I love pumpkin leaves. I bought enough frood to last me the whole week!”

Tamara Mork-Chadwick from Howick: “I loved the amazing  colours, it’s just gorgeous.”

Karen Almond from Dargle: “This was my first visit to the market. I was astonished at the variety and really enjoyed meeting neighbours I never knew I had. I sold most of my produce too.”

Des van Tonder from Pietermaritzburg: “A man said ‘holy moly’ when he saw me carrying the huge felafel filled pita and he hadn’t even tasted it yet – it was divine. My other favourites things were handmade mozzarella and gherkins and chatting.”

Penelope Littlejohn from Dargle: “I sold R30 and spent R100 – is that the way it is supposed to work?”

Robert Coleman from England: “I’ve been staying in Nottingham Road and heard about the market, so I just popped in on my way to the airport. The cupcakes were wonderful.”

Karen Zunkle from Hilton: ‘Dargle Local Living is so inspiring.”

Andre Swart from Durban: “That is the biggest patty pan I have ever seen!”


3 thoughts on “A to Z

  1. Once again a fantastic market day with delicious, fresh local food and beautiful hand-made products. There really was everything from A – Z and I came home with loads of interesting goodies, bread, cheese, yoghurt, duck eggs, veges, chocolate ice-cream and brownies, and gorgeous scented soaps.

  2. So enjoyed the Market yesterday! Loving the fresh beans, tomatoes, feta, marrows, biltong, and red velvet cupcakes, pickles, all delicious couldn’t wait to get home and make something amazing!!! You can taste the LOVE and Care of the vegetables, grown with Lotsa Love. Mingled with some new neighbours and made some new friends. Lovely Sunday market. Love the Midlands and its magic.

  3. The Dargle Market was fabulous today!!! Came home with those magical purple beans tied up w yellow string! Chocolate chip cookies, jersey milk, a fat bunch of celery and deep pink proteas….and I got to see the neighbours, sell my veggie seeds, bring my baby bunnies for an outing (they were a huge hit w both big + small people!!) and distribute some fresh carrot, apple + ginger juice. What a perfect Sunday! Happiness!

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