Jeffrey the Sheep

On Tuesday 10 January, Jeffrey died and most certainly went to sheep heaven.  For the past 15 years, Jeffrey has lived in the farmyard at Corrie Lynn farm.  He arrived as a day old lamb from the Long’s farm along the road and was soon joined by Annie, a little dwarf goat who kept him company for many years.

Over the years, he has seen lots of farmyard pets come and go, so became very sociable and adaptable to all sorts of interesting friends.   Only in the last 4 years has he had a whole group of sheep for company.  He was a big sheep and had a lovely deep voice that lead his flock home after a day out.  After such a long life, he had very few teeth left and recently, he had become blind. This meant he couldn’t keep up with the flock any more and was distressed.

Jeffrey will live in the memory of many meanderers who have fed him a handful of pellets.  He also provided lots of wonderful wool which Tinks spun and turned into yarn and felt.  Some of the gorgeous felt cushions made from his wool are for sale in the Corrie Lynn Gallery.

Jeffrey lived a good life free of suffering and will be missed by all who knew him. He has been buried in the farmyard graveyard along with a horse, a cow, a lamb and other much loved Corrie Lynn creatures.

Hamba kahle, Jeffrey.


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