Summer Abundance

The holidays may be over, but the Dargle community celebrated summer abundance at the Dargle Local Market this Sunday. Catching up on seasonal news, sharing stories and shopping for healthy, locally produced, utterly delicious food.  Many stalls sold out completely and a couple reported sales of over R1000.00!  Besides all our neighbours, we had shoppers from Pietermaritzburg, Durban, Wales and New York – all very impressed with Dargle Local Living.  Here is a sample of some of the stalls:

Sophie Holt made lemonade, which her little sister helped her to sell. Her dad was pleased that she sold lots – now he has to drink more beer because she needs the bottles for next time!

Andrew Anderson sold cucumbers, celery, rhubarb, purple beans, berry vines, bright yellow patty pans and some really impressive big marrows too.

Rose Downard brought the first pumpkins of the season and her Co-Op stall also had pumpkin leaves, raw milk, handmade cheese, mint cordial, plum jam,  cavalo nero, herbs, new potatoes, dutch green beans, oranges, ciabatta, cut proteas and much more.

Ross Young’s handmade bread was a great hit as always. His sundried tomato loaves sold out first.

Tammy and Gilly Robartes of the Dairy Den had all their usual delicious dairy products, but also these giant mustard spinach leaves grown from seedlings they bought from Cindy Powell at the last Dargle Local Market!  Remember you can always get Wana Farm products at Dargle Dealer.

Dawn Glenny had tastebuds tingling with her scrumptious pita breads filled with felafel, hummus and salad.  All her fabulous vegetarian food sold out.

See you at the next market on Sunday 5 February from 9-11.30 at il Postino. If you’d like a stall, call Debbie: 082 831 4092 Click the FOLLOW button on the right hand side of this page to keep connected with all that happens in Dargle Local Living.


4 thoughts on “Summer Abundance

  1. Fabulous market as always! This month we sold plum jam, oranges and pumpkins and then bought lots of other goodies – creamy milk, butter, cheese, yoghurt, eggs, veges, artisan bread and divine rich chocolate brownies! The lemonade made by Sophie Holt was also really good.

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