Delicious Dargle

On 31 September over 60 Midlands folk gathered at Tanglewood Country House for the launch of Dargle Living Local.  What a wonderful celebration of community and local food!  Many brought along some produce to share – there were splendid leeks, a giant cauliflower, wild greens, goose eggs, horse radish, tomato relish, herbs, oranges, spinach, marmalade and more!  The old wooden foyer table literally groaned until excited shoppers snapped up the fresh and fabulous food.  There were open pollinated seeds to share, rhubarb plants and compost too. 

After a short presentation on some of our local food heroes, we watched Food Inc – a movie about the Industrial Food System which was pretty scary and revealed some unpleasant truths about what we eat and where we are going.  Then it was time for supper which Nicky Mann (chef and owner of Tanglewood) and her team had prepared with love.  All ingredients came from closeby, with the exception of the Pecans which were from Hilton because the Cape Parrots have eaten all of them in the Dargle.  The almonds, phyllo and brandy were not local either.  This is what we ate:

    • Fresh Fennel and Citrus Salad
    • Garden salad (including lucern)with Feta
    • Spring Greens with Parmesan
    • Pumpkin & Sweet Potato with fried sage and toasted almonds
    • Roast Chicken with Pork Stuffing and mustard sauce
    • Leek and Cream Cheese Phyllo pie
    • Handmade Pasta with burnt butter and herbs
    • Pecan & Brandy Tart
    • Cheesecake Ice Cream

The food looked gorgeous and tasted delicious, many declaring it the best meal they had had all year.  Over convivial conversation with neighbours, plans were hatched for a regular morning market, a local currency, recipe sharing and compost workshops.  Everyone agreed that Dargle is a wonderful place to live, work and eat.


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