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Click on the pages above to see who produces what in our valley.  Contact them directly to buy, barter or share produce. Tick the ‘Follow’ box to become part of our local living community.

dargle market welcome sign

The beautiful Dargle Valley, stretched out beneath Inhlosane, is home to many important ecosystems, including wetlands, grassland and mist-belt forests which provide habitats for endangered species and inspiration to local artists and crafters.  From food to furniture and all sorts of fascinating things in between, everyone is proud to be part of this community where we support neighbours and friends in their creative endeavours – living local as much as possible. This means shopping for an antique teacup along the road, buying milk from Betty the cow on top of the hill, enjoying mindfully prepared meals in our restaurants and sharing seasonal veggies with neighbours.

In the Dargle there are plenty of folk who are perfectly happy to do without eggs for a few weeks while hens follow their natural cycles and don’t lay for a while.  Others will wait patiently for Piccolo the cow to finish weaning her new calf Cello, forgoing the extra milk which would be just perfect for making yoghurt.  Gathering wild Spring greens in the fields is an activity eagerly anticipated for much of the Winter. This is really what slow food is all about, not making unreasonable demands, taking only what is needed and being mindful of the entire process.

We are fortunate that our valley is home to many small producers of vegetables, trout, chicken, honey, cheese, herbs, pork, milk and eggs. Most homesteads have a food garden to supply their kitchens and share the surplus with neighbours. Local restaurants are committed to supporting local producers and using seasonal, organic food as much as possible, serving food that satisfies your taste buds and your conscience.

We recognise that it is necessary to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and the industrial food chain and many residents are committed to living as locally as possible. We plan to respond proactively to peak oil and climate change, and begin to build a better, low-carbon and more sustainable future for our community.  Dargle Local Living is an initiative of the Dargle Conservancy. www.dargleconservancy.org.za

Slow Dargle Sunday

A perfect day not to leave the Dargle.  Amble down to the Country Market at the Lion’s River Club between 8h30 and 11h30 on the first Sunday of every month. Stock up on all you need for lunch, catch up on the local gossip and share a coffee with a neighbour.  Watch a short film clip about us at: https://vimeo.com/41198821

Thriving Dargle Trade

On the third Thursday of each month, at 09h00 we gather on the veranda of il Postino with bags and boxes crammed with our excess kitchen and garden produce to barter with neighbours. Who needs money when we have so much to share?

 Read all about the Markets, our Pumpkin Growing and Marmalade Making Competitions, Local Feasts and Dargle Icons – under ‘Stories’. 

40 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi there
    My husband and I are new to nottingham road and am desperate to find square hay bales to buy or hire for my daughters wedding in. February 2014. Pleeeease can someone help me. Looking for maybe 50 Bales.
    Many thanks
    Ruth seddon

  2. Does Dargle need an auto electrician (my husbands profession) – this is a little spot I would love to live in and be a part of!

  3. Such great things happening in the Dargle, what a wonderful community!

    If anyone needs someone to look after their small holding while they are away, please contact me. At the moment, I would be available over weekends and holidays. But if your break includes additional days, I would try to make a plan.

    My future plans are to make a move to the area, and so I am very keen to get any experience with regard to day-to-day life on a small-holding. In addition, it would also be a fantatstic opportunity to explore the Dargle and surrounding area!

    I visited the February market and did not want to leave! How refreshing to meet ‘real’ people doing ‘real’ things 🙂

  4. I am looking for artichokes, anyone know where i can buy them in Durban. Many thanks Carolyn Gale

  5. Hi Everyone,
    We’ll be hosting an open day at our place on 26 May (Saturday). We’d really love for Dargle Conservancy members to join us. We’ll start with a homestead tour around 9am then some eco-activities, games, and a bring and share lunch. Check out our Facebook page on http://www.facebook.com/events/353073214751310/ where we have termed the event “Space of Love” as that is what it’s intended to be. We look forward to sharing the day with you.

  6. Reading these wonderful pages is making me VERY hungry!! I am going to go home and bake some bread covered in poppy seeds:-)) thanks for today’s inspiration xx

  7. Well done Col! I concur 100 percent with the article and comments! You are amazing! Peace, Love & Light.

  8. My little girl Hannah has been adament for ages that for her 4th birthday, she’d like a moo-cow milking party. Does anyone have / know of a friendly ‘Daisy’ who could be milked on the 4th Feb 2012 (and whose owner wouldn’t mind hosting a group of about 20 4-year olds)? A big ask I know but we’d be delighted to show our girls that milk comes from cows and not Spar!

    1. HI Karen, I have a child-friendly Daisy, (and her name really is Daisy!) and could easily host a party for kids. One hitch, can’t do the 4th, but could do Fri 3rd. what would you expect me to do other than provide the cow, and supervise the milking bit?
      Regards Gilly Robartes

      1. Hi Gilly – so kind of you thank you but, after some anxious moments and a number of dead-ends, Fairfield Dairy out at Curry’s Post have stepped in and bent over backwards to accommodate us on the 3rd. Best, Karen x

  9. We were really impressed by the array of wonderful food at the market when we visited – we have a farmer’s market once a month in Brecon – Wales – a great time for catching up on news and spoiling ourselves with lovely tastes of fresh local food. Keep up the spirit – we have made a link to an EU project that is looking to re-invorgorate rural areas – http://www.rural-alliances.eu – The Dargle is a special place! All the best – Andrew and Claire – Bwlch, South Wales – UK

  10. Il Postino would like to thank you all for your support and to wish you all the best for the New Year.
    We will be closing for our bi-annual leave from Monday the 30th of January, and we will reopen on Wednesday the 8th of February.
    The monthly Thursday evening Live music will be held on the 9th of February. Come and join Jem, Chris and the Il Postino Team for some great music and to catch up with old friends.

    Sergio Guerrera

  11. It was so fantastic to see such an amazing turnout, both sellers and shoppers, at the first Dargle Local Market. The thing that impressed me the most was that despite not having much in the gardens at this time folks used their initiative to come up with things to offer. Some folks obviously also shared preserved produce from the pantry. Well done to everyone and I look forward to the next one!

  12. Just wanted to thank everyone who came along and either had one of the wonderful stalls or browsed, bought and chatted at our first Dargle Local Market today – despite being very wet and windy!

    Thanks specially to Nikki for promoting the market and encouraging everyone to participate.

    Looking forward to our next one on Sunday 5th November – and please let me know if you would like a market on a weekday morning….

    Thanks so much, feel very lucky to be here! Debbie, Simon and Vicky Hayes

  13. like the fair idea a lot. Even better might be a once a month barter market at the Lions River Club where we could come and exchange fresh goods. Lovely site, thank you- Josie

  14. Hi Nikki and all.
    Nice easy webpage, well done. I liked what i saw the other day, all the fresh produce. On my way out i did my shoping and enjoyed what i bought. having seen all this i think Karen Zunkels idea of a fair is brilliant. I have seen simmilar in upstate new York a few years back where people clustered together and did organic small scale farming and supplied restaurantes in Manhatten with their produce. A roaring sucess. Why not in the dargle?????

  15. We are thinking seriously about launching a Midlands Sustainable Living Fair, profiling green products, events, services, food, communities, etc. Will be in touch when we have our heads around the concept a bit more.

  16. Thought you wouldn’t sit around ‘doing nothing’ for too long! Well done, great initiative – maybe I’ll get a chance to visit one day.

  17. Well done Nikki for a great webpage and all the energy you have put into ‘living local’ in the Dargle, and well done too to all the people who are producing lovely local food. You inspire the rest of us to get cracking and grow things! It is a pleasure and a privilege to live in such a wonderful place.

  18. 5 stars Nikki – what a brilliant idea! Aren’t we all so fortunate to live in our little valley and not in the clutches of the giant US corporates? We are still reeling from the Fracking and Industrial Food Production films! Many, many thanks for keeping us all informed.

  19. This is such a wonderful site, great to get to know more about the people in the Dargle Valley and who makes what! Simon and I are the new owners of the Dargle General Dealer, and we would love our little shop to be able to stock even small quantities of the delicious produce and preserves from the Dargle.

    At the moment we are looking for cabbages, broccolli, spinach and potatoes as well as citrus fruit – and whatever you have to offer! We would also love to stock trout and free range duck and beef. Please contact me on debbie@dargledealer.co.za or on 082 8314092

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